Meet Our Founders


Our Approach

Digital Vertex is a web development and marketing firm that has successfully helped thousands of companies grow and promote their business. A family-run business since its inception in 2004, we apply sound, proven strategies when creating and marketing a website for your company. We understand from our substantial experience the importance of developing sites that draw in casual site visitors, capture those leads and convert them into valuable customers. We do this by emphasizing aesthetics, usability, and proper calls to action as fundamentals. We then support these fundamentals with robust and relevant content in order to augment your client base and promote user engagement and retention. Or in simpler terms, we help your business look good and make money!




About Our Team

We are a small boutique style business run by husband and wife for over a decade. We started as just us, in our home in 2004, doing all the developmental work ourselves but we were blessed so quickly that we were able to grow exponentially with a great team behind us.

Business owners come to us from all over to help get their business off the ground. Whether you are an established, large or starting company we implement the same attention to detail to ensure a successful venture with you. Our team is extremely hands on, reliable and available to ensure our delivery. Since we are a small business we understand the importance of an effective product and the need to be seen by potential customers.


Our clients prefer Digital Vertex

We staff a very creative and up to date group of web designers that are constantly researching the latest news in web, programming, marketing and design. It is not just our job but an industry our team enjoys. Our goal is simply to be a good web site design and marketing firm and help you become successful as this will enrich our working relationship and help us remain successful.

Digital Vertex has a very solid understanding of what is fresh and new with the web world today. As this is a constant evolving and growing industry, we have to keep up with the latest trends in order to keep our clients up to date. With that said, our ability to create ecommerce packages, database, social networks, iphone applications, corporate and personal website and so much more comes easy to us. We know what works and what doesn't and what to do to make a website maximize its fullest potential. Check out our link that we have been selected as one of the top ten web design companies for 3 years in a row!

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