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Direct-to-consumer brand

We level the playing field for direct-to-consumer brands using Facebook, Instagram and Google Affiliates

HOW? We create an appealing ad, either text or video in order to create attention to your product or service. We then push the ad to a targeted audiences based on their job, financial status, preferences, followings, their specific activates/engagements, likes, etc. We push your ads to show up on the feeds of hundreds of thousands of people. In conjunction to that we create second campaign that will focus on those that have shown interest to your ad but have not completed a CTA (call to action).  This way, we can keep showing up periodically to those interested parties until a CTA is completed. And once they become a customer we set up a campaign showing other products and services so they keep returning. We like to think of this as a form of funneling the customers to you. 

D2C marketers are short on time and long on tools that don’t talk to each other, slowing them down and making it hard to tell a connected story.

Our Growth Marketing Management Program centralizes essential marketing and advertising activities, all in one place, serving as mission control for your entire customer journey. By unifying your data, channels, and measurement, we make it easier to bring relevance to your customers—the right messages in the right places at the right times—helping you grow and compete.

Grow your confidence

Marketers make hundreds of small bets every day. We take the guesswork out. Our cross-channel attribution gives you a unified view of the touch points influencing customer behavior so you can scale what drives growth.

Our program assigns conversion credit to marketing channels that influence your customer journey, in real-time, so you can quickly scale what drives growth.


Grow your brand

Find more people who’ll fall in love with your brand. Our advanced audience targeting program works together with our brand awareness and drive high-quality new site traffic.

Our program gives you more ways to boost brand awareness. Our audience targeting works to create awareness with the right audiences, at the right time, and drive high-quality new site traffic. This makes it easy to create compelling brand awareness campaigns with video, display, social ads, email, native, and more.

With access to the largest web and social platforms we put your brand front and center, increasing reach and visibility, across channels and devices. Our advanced audience targeting—including contextual targeting, demographic targeting, interest targeting, and lookalike targeting- provides both performance and precision to increase your brand awareness with the highest potential visitors.

Grow your sales

Inspire action across ads, email, and your online store. Unite what you know about your customers with our over 1.2 billion shopper profiles to surface items they’ll love—and buy.

We engage with customers wherever they are, across the web, social, and email inboxes, with targeted experiences that inspire action. Use video and display ads to create and cultivate emotional connections that make your brand memorable. Use email to deliver personalized messages, at exactly the right moment. Use them all together to create lasting relationships that increase customer lifetime value. 

Automatically show shoppers the most relevant products through dynamic ads, email, and personalized product recommendations in your online store. We help you identify opportunities to increase the lifetime value of your customers. Get insights across the entire funnel, perform tests and determine your success with in-depth, customizable reporting.

Grow customer loyalty

Go beyond customer acquisition, and use your customer relationships to drive growth. Increase loyalty—and lifetime value (LTV)—with relevant, personalized cross-channel experiences.

Though making sure your marketing mix balances new customer acquisition and customer retention requires thought, figuring it out is well worth it. To retain customers and build their loyalty you need to understand your customers and anticipate their needs before competitors beat you to it. You don’t have to be big to compete for customers’ attention and business. You just have to build lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers that keep them coming back—and bringing their friends and family. 

Make sure each experience in your online store is personal and relevant  we make it easy for customers to repurchase, find items related to previous purchases, try one of your top products or discover something new they’ll love, as their interests change.  While your customers may love your brand, remembering to shout it from the rooftops with reviews, recommendations, and referrals can be a challenge. Our program gives you all the resources you need to target customers with the right message, at the right time, to increase online and social reviews.

Marketing automation, all in one place

Make the most of moments that matter

Automatically show shoppers the most relevant products to them, with our product recommendations that personalize dynamic ads, email, and your online store experience.

Increase customer lifetime value

Let us manage your entire customer journey, from awareness through purchase, to increase sales, average order value, and loyalty, and get a centralized picture of cost, ROI, and impact.

Connect and create a seamless customer experience

We integrate easily with everything else in your world—including leading e-commerce platforms, email and marketing automation, popular reporting tools and more.

Be seen in more places

Build a brand customers love, turn more visitors into customers, and grow customer loyalty with our growth marketing program. 

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