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Social Media GrowthGeneral answers and guide to easy Instagram growth.


We have 2 methods of growing your account

Method 1 is using our standard growth plans where we find people who are genuinely interested in what you post and engage with them so they are naturally attracted to your page. Read more details about our standard growth plans below.

Method 2 is using our GO Viral program where your posts will receive engagement from large influencer accounts in our 50+ million follower network so that they gain mass exposure for your page.

Organic Growth

We interact and engage with new people in your target audience on a regular basis in order to get you more followers organically.

Account and Market

We will analyze your account, competitors and current targeted demographic to help determine the best marketing strategy for you.


Social is global so time-zones and business hours are not part of the equation anymore. As such, we engage with your audience 24/7.

Ultra Competitive Targeting

Our system lets us control precisely with extreme accuracy the type of accounts to engage with for you. This will ensure that your followers will actually engage back.



Get specific with it! Once we breakdown your target demographic we identify and target people based on influential usernames and redirect them to your page.


Looking for local business or just to get followers from your area? Target people as specifically as possible by narrowing the parameters to certain venues, cities, states, countries or any other defined geographic area.

Likes & Comments

Our advanced system lets us specify posts with a range of likes and comments for your account to interact with, increasing the chances that others will follow and interact back.

Photos & Videos

Filter by type of media! Depending on your target audience and goals, you can choose to have us engage with photos, videos or both.


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